Salesman One  Salesman One has 22+ years of senior sales and operations leader experience within the equipment business. Having deep product and customer knowledge with a concentration in the Hampton Roads area, Salesman One has direct involvement in sales, sales management, marketing, service and operations. A former VP and founder, Salesman One has remained active in the construction equipment industry.
Salesman Two  Salesman Two has 8+ years experience in strategy and management consulting throughout Virginia. Focused on business growth strategy, business efficiency improvement, marketing, mergers and acquisitions. Following a career in global corporate strategy, Salesman Two is excited to bring some new age, cross-industry thinking to one of Virginia’s largest Ford dealerships. 
Salesman Three  Salesman Three has 30+ years of successful “hands on” business experience in various industries in areas related to operations, sales and marketing (accelerated growth and market share). With a thorough understanding of the special relationships within a manufacturer and dealer partnership, Salesman Three has 10+ years directly involved in executive management in the construction equipment business as President and CEO.